TCS New York Marathon 2019 - Anna Liptak

By Anna Liptak

I believe health and exercise is fundamental to everyone's life. If you could bottle the benefits of exercise and give it out as medication it would be far more effective then any other medication. 

 The Roger Rasheed Sports Foundation is about making life-saving impacts on children in extreme disadvantaged communities through giving children access to sporting venues and coaches.

Regular sport activities and on-going training and mentoring can make a positive difference to children in all areas. By revitalising forgotten reserves and rusty old equipment or by building an entirely new precinct, the RRSF provided the children of extreme disadvantaged areas access to sport.

The RRSF works alongside the local community and, first and foremost understanding, its needs, its residents and their families. Then, together with the local council and other interested supporters,they  design and build the project with financial and in-find assistance from a group of committed individuals and businesses.

I am so pleased to be supporting the Roger Rasheed Sports Foundation this year who have no salaried staff and no offices. Donations go directly to their projects & to the children.

I hope you can support us and make difference to our community.




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